14 Mart 2008 Cuma

Microsoft Silverlight Coming to Windows Mobile

Microsoft is continuing to follow through on its promise to bring Silverlight, its rival to Adobe Flash, to more than just desktop computers. It is in the process of developing a version of this multimedia technology for Windows Mobile 6.

Like Adobe Flash, Silverlight is a cross-platform plug-in used in delivering enhanced media and interactive applications to several types of devices, usually in the web browser. Created using .NET based technologies, Silverlight aims for a faster development time and a better connected experience for end-users.

According to Microsoft, "We will have the First Developer CTP for Silverlight for mobile available in 2nd Quarter of CY 2008 targeting Windows Mobile 6." This will take the form of a browser plug-in.

More on Silverlight is available on Microsoft's web site.

Microsoft Silverlight Coming To Future Nokia Devices

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