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Motorola Ming A1600 and Ming A1800 Review

Motorola has silently launched its two new variants of Ming this week. A close look at the specifications can certainly give you an idea why they chose to go for things this way. Ming A1600 has got everything that its parent Moto Ming 1200 had but it still leaves a lot to desire.

Ming A1600 has a 2.4 inch 262K color display with QVGA resolution and the routine stylus with a semi-transparent flap. It also has the business card scanner which we saw in its predecessor.

A 3 megapixel camera seems satisfying while a feature of continuous autofocus is the first that we are seeing in any phone. A built-in GPS will allow you to geotag the captured images.A micro SD card slot (up to 4 GB) with stereo bluetooth, and a stereo FM radio is always a welcome thing in any decent mid-range cell phone.

Motorola Ming A1600 however disappoints as it lacks 3G and WiFi connectivity. The Moto Ming look is also not something that everyone admires plus it is notorious for the plastic quality of the phone.

The wiring around the semi-transparent flap is delicate and needs unwanted precaution.

Motorola Ming A1800 is a complete copy cat of Ming A1600 and the only thing that makes it a little different and better is that it supports connection to two separate networks at the same time.

So you can hook to both GSM network and the CDMA simultaneously but the GSM doesn’t support either 3G or EDGE.

Nokia N78 Review and Price

Nokia N78 is official out, this is another amazing A-GPS integrated mobile phone that includes a 3.2MP camera featured with Carl Zeiss optics. Nokia N78 will be available starting today at select electronics and wireless retailers, online retailers and at the Nokia Flagship Stores in Chicago and New York. Nokia N78 is expected to be priced at $560.

Nokia N78 will include free three month trial navigation license for the Nokia Maps service, which enables users to calculate routing information, provides details on up to 15 million different points of interest, and gives audible and visual turn-by-turn directions from point A to point B. With the integrated A-GPS, users can ‘geotag’ images they take on their Nokia N78 with local information.

With this information images can be uploaded to Share on Ovi or other selected image sharing sites, one can also include not only when the picture was taken but also where the picture was taken, even displaying that information visually present on the map.

For people who want to be handy with their music, the Nokia N78 has two amazing includes - a digital music player and an integrated FM transmitter which ensures a complete audio experience. With storage for up to 8GB of music on an optional MicroSD memory card, a music collection can be easily shared and enjoyed in the home or car by playing it wirelessly through the FM radio.

HTC Touch Pro Review

The new HTC Touch Pro aka Raphael is essentially similar to an HTC Touch Diamond but with a new 5 row, slide-out QWERTY keyboard. It includes a 2.8″ VGA touchscreen display, HSDPA/HSUPA high-speed data, and a 3.2 megapixel AF-capable camera.

Just like the Touch Diamond, the Touch Pro has the HTC’s shiny new TouchFLO 3D user interface screen. TouchFLO 3D provides users with a high-gloss 3D animated user experience which makes HTC Touch Pro all the more a fingers friend.

The Touch Pro runs on a version 6.1 of Microsoft’s Windows Mobile Professional operating system, and comes equipped with over 256MB of application RAM and hold upto decent 512MB internal flash storage space.

HTC Touch Pro comes with a SD 2.0 compatible microSD card slot which can enable more storage capacity with 8GB upto the 16GB microSD cards. Touch Pro also includes GPS and WiFi which makes this device more desirable.

The Touch Pro’s 1350mAh battery can provide approx 8 hours of talk time or 2 weeks of standby time when used on GSM networks. HTC says that the Touch Pro will be available across Europe, Asia, and the Middle Eastin summer itself. However, the users in North America and South America have to wait longer.

Battle of the Keyboards: XPERIA X1 vs. HTC Touch Pro

MobileBurn scored an early look at the Touch Pro -- which won't be available at retail for a month or three yet -- and came away impressed with the all-important keyboard, saying that it was "much more" usable than the QWERTY found on Sony Ericsson's rival superphone. Closed, it's said to be virtually indistinguishable from the Touch Diamond (which we'd say is a good thing) other than being a bit thicker to accomodate they keyboard and picking up a matte-finish rear cover.

Two top-notch devices: the HTC Touch Pro and the Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1. Both have specs that would make any geek weak at the knees, but when it comes to the keyboard, word on the street is that there's simply no contest - the Touch Pro comes out on top. Check out what MobileBurn has to say, and do take a look at the pics. Engadget has plenty of X1 pics for your perusal, too.

Motorola's touchscreen Blaze for Verizon in the wild

Remember that touchscreen Motorola Blaze we'd mentioned a while back that was on the hook to get Verizon's visual voicemail service? It may not be in Verizon stores yet, but it's all up in Boy Genius Report's labs with a dark red body, MING attitude, and almost limitless mediocrity on board. The touchscreen apparently requires ridiculous amounts of effort to actuate, and that problem is compounded by a lame on-screen keyboard that makes texting tricky at best. EV-DO Rev. A is cool and all -- and the visual voicemail support should be a pretty popular add-on feature -- but that giant Motorola logo up front with the red ring and three pounds of chrome leaves the Blaze with a face only a mother could love. Let's hope Verizon's positioning this one as its low-end touchscreen offering, because we're not seeing it cha-chinging many registers otherwise.

HTC Touch Diamond soft reset

Seems that many think that the Diamond doesn't have a soft reset button and that the only way to reset a hung device is to pop the battery out and put it back in.

However, this isn't the case. The Diamond does indeed have a reset button that you can press with your stylus, it's just in a slightly unusual place. Don't go poking your stylus in the two holes on the bottom of the device, neither of these are the reset button. The square hole is where you attach a lanyard or phone charm and the round one next to the USB connector is the MIC. Don't go forcing your stylus in the MIC hole - we've heard that some people have already damaged their phones because of this.

In actual fact that reset button is located just under the bit where the stylus slides in. If you remove the stylus you'll see a little red button and the word reset. You can in fact press this button if you poke it with the stylus at an angle but it's a little easier to get to if you pop the back cover open a bit.

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Opera Mobile 9.5 In Public Beta Soon

We have some exciting news to share today. It's almost time to release Opera Mobile 9.5 for Windows Mobile to the world. We thank you for your patience and support as we make what we (and many others) believe is the best browser for mobile phones. A release testing phase is underway now and the target date for the first beta is July 15th. You will be able to download it from opera.com just like you would any other versions of Opera.

Blackberry OS 4.5 Not Officially Arriving Until September

The Blackberry Internet Services 2.5 upgrade (and subsequent downtime) is still go for a June 29 launch, but there's a catch. According to the Boy Genius Report, some of the "sexiest" 2.5 features won't be available until Blackberry OS 4.5 arrives—in September. From the looks of the BIS 2.5 presentation they got their boy-sized mitts on, at least one of those features is push AOL email and Hotmail/MSN accounts. Of course, if you have a newer Blackberry handset, or plan on buying one before September, it will come with 4.5 OS already installed.

Nokia unleashes Supernova series: meet the 7210, 7310, 7510, and 7610

Though they've already been well documented (heck, they're already on sale in some parts of the world), Nokia's just now getting around to making its foursome of Supernovas official. The new line reps mid-range fashion (think L'Amour, but not over the top) and comes in your choice of two candybars, a flip, or a slider as the 7210, 7310, 7510, or 7610, respectively. The 7210 features a tri-band GSM radio plus EDGE, a 2 megapixel camera, and an FM radio; look for it to launch in the third quarter for €120 (about $189). The 7310 apes the 7210's look but adds support for changeable Xpress-On faceplates, TV-out, and support for GSM 850, and while all that extra kit adds €35 (about $55) to the price over the lesser model, it's available now. The 7510 goes for the flip form factor but carries over most of the 7310's spec sheet, waiting it out until the fourth quarter for a €180 (about $283) launch in scary colors like "Fatal Red". Finally, the 7610 (no, not that one) moves up to a beefier 3.2 megapixel camera and hits next quarter for €225 (about $354).

HTC Touch Pro gets handled, keyboard better than X1's?

The question on quite literally every WinMo fanatic's mind as we go into the second half of the year here is, "Touch Pro or X1?" It's not an easy question to answer, and anyone hoping to sink some cash on either one of these models in a few months is going to want to do so with a crap-ton of research and anecdotal information under their belts lest the buyer's remorse set in particularly quickly. MobileBurn scored an early look at the Touch Pro -- which won't be available at retail for a month or three yet -- and came away impressed with the all-important keyboard, saying that it was "much more" usable than the QWERTY found on Sony Ericsson's rival superphone. Closed, it's said to be virtually indistinguishable from the Touch Diamond (which we'd say is a good thing) other than being a bit thicker to accomodate they keyboard and picking up a matte-finish rear cover. Unfortunately, HTC refused to show off the Touch Pro's interface -- apparently on account of some new tricks up TouchFLO 3D's sleeve that haven't already made their way into the Touch Diamond -- but they did share that the new model will handle landscape mode with particular aplomb. So this one might have the X1 beat in the keyboard department, but the X1's WVGA display takes the crown for sheer pixel count. Decisions!

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LG Dare Phone Is Available Now on Verizon Wireless

Verizon Wireless and LG Electronics MobileComm U.S.A. today announced the LG Dare is now available through Verizon Wireless' online store. Here is more info:

This summer's must-have phone dares to be different with its bold looks and advanced capabilities - boasting a spacious three-inch touch-screen with handwriting recognition, a superior 3.2 megapixel camera with face detection and flash, and unique photo editing capabilities. The phone will be available in Verizon Wireless Communications Stores, including those in Circuit City, on July 3.
The LG Dare’s touch-screen offers the optimal HTML Web browsing experience and runs on the nation’s most reliable wireless network to ensure a smooth and easy navigation experience. The touch-screen also supports handwriting recognition and tactile feedback so that customers can more easily select their options on the phone. The phone’s camera has a Schneider-Kreuznach certified lens for outstanding image quality, and the camera offers advanced features, such as face detection and an LED flash so customers can take enhanced-quality photos from their mobile phones. Additionally, customers can use the photo editing tool to personalize their digital photos with features that include borders and landscapes, and they can draw on their pictures directly on the screen using their fingertips.

Additional features and capabilities of LG Dare include:

-V CAST Music-capable – access more than 3 million full-length songs from well-known and independent artists that can be purchased and downloaded over-the-air directly to the phone
-Music Player for .mp3, .wma, unprotected .aac, and unprotected .aac+ files
-microSD card memory port – with up to 8 GB support with an optional memory card
-USB Mass Storage – transfer files between microSD card and PC
-3.2 Megapixel Camera and Camcorder
+Schneider-Kreuznach certified lens for optimal picture quality
+Camera Resolutions: 2048 x 1536, 1600 x 1200, 1280 x 960, 640 x 480, 320 x 240 pixels
+SmartPic technology and manual ISO adjustment for improved image quality
+Face Detection – detects a face when taking a picture
+Panorama, split shot and frame camera settings
+Scene Mode – automatically makes adjustments to camera settings for improved quality in different environments
+Zoom: up to 2x
+Image Editor – zoom, rotate, crop, add frames and icons and write over images
+Video Resolutions: 640 x 480, 320 x 240, 176 x 144 pixels
+Video Recording Speed: up to 120 frames per second for slow video playback
+Video Recording Time: 30 seconds (for sending); up to 1 hour (for saving) depending on memory
+Video Player for WMV, MP4, 3GP, 3G2 formats
+Customizable brightness, white balance, shutter sound, color effects, night and preview mode, photometry, self-timer
-Bluetooth Version 2.1 + EDR (Enhanced Data Rate)
+Listen to music with optional stereo Bluetooth headset
+Send all contacts and calendar events via Bluetooth
+Print and send customer-generated pictures (JPEG) via Bluetooth
+Save up to 20 Bluetooth pairings
+Supported Profiles: headset, hands-free car kits, dial-up networking, stereo Bluetooth, phone book access, basic printing, object push for vCard and vCalendar, file transfer, basic imaging, human interface device
-One-touch speakerphone
-Speaker-independent voice commands
-Voice Recording: 1 minute or 1 hour (standby)
-Music ringer support (clips from hit songs)
-HTML Web browsing with touch navigation and favorites
-Text, picture, video messaging-capable
-Mobile Email – access MSN Hotmail, America Online and Yahoo! accounts to exchange e-mail
-Mobile IM capabilities
-VZ Navigator-capable – get visual and audible directions to thousands of destinations, locate businesses and other points of interest, get maps of a location, and share directions with others
-Phone Book with 1,000 contacts: each contact entry stores five numbers, two e-mail addresses and a Picture ID
-FOTA-capable – upgrade firmware over-the-air
-Favorites – add up to nine contacts with Picture ID
-Speed Dial (up to 996 entries)

Technology: CDMA
Frequency: 1.9 GHz CDMA PCS, 800 MHz CDMA (Digital Dual-Band)
Data Transmission: high-speed EV-DO
Dimensions: 4.1" (h) x 2.2" (w) x 0.5" (d)
Weight: 3.76 ounces
Display: 260K Color TFT, 240 x 400 pixels, 3.0"
Standard Battery: 1,100 mAh
Usage Time: up to 280 minutes or
Standby Time: up to 360 hours

The Dare is available for $199.99 after a $50 mail-in rebate with a new two-year customer agreement. For more information about Verizon Wireless products and services, visit a Verizon Wireless Communications Store, call 1-800-2 JOIN IN or go to www.verizonwireless.com.

Official Windows Mobile 6.1 ROM for Sprint Mogul leaks out

Here's a deeply philosophical question for you: if an official ROM is released unofficially, is it official? We don't know, and frankly, we don't care -- the important thing is that a shipping-quality cut of Windows Mobile 6.1 for Sprint's Mogul has found its way onto the interwebs courtesy of the wizards over at xda-developers. It's not clear when Sprint or HTC might make this just a little more official than it already is and release it through one of their support sites, but in the meantime, at least we still have a shot at nabbing the goods through "other" channels. Let us know about any trials or tribulations you face getting your units upgraded, alright?

Sprint's HTC Touch (Vogue) gets Windows Mobile 6.1 update

Hey, Vogue users -- jealous of your Mogul toting friends, are you? Put all that angst aside, as an official Sprint firmware update has just been loosed that adds Windows Mobile 6.1 among other things. Not much else to say beyond that, and besides, shouldn't you have that download started already?

HTC Touch Diamond Hands-on Update

I'm still working on the full review, but I wanted to give everyone an update on that performance fix that was released last week for the HTC Touch Diamond. I installed the new ROM (it was easy, just run the executable on your PC), and now TouchFLO is noticeably faster. It's still not instant, but it's definitely improved to the point where it's usable and you won't really mind it. Yeah, it's passed that bar. I'd even say that it's just as fast as the iPhone. Current owners will be able to upgrade to the newer official ROM soon.

T-Mobile announces Motorola ROKR E8

As expected, T-Mobile has taken the wraps off its very own version of Motorola's ROKR E8, a glossy black candybar offering a 2 megapixel camera, 2GB of internal storage (plus a microSD slot that'll swallow up to 8GB more), stereo Bluetooth, 3.5mm headphone jack, FM radio, and that so-called "morphing" keypad that selectively renders keys invisible depending on the mode you're using. It's missing 3G, but that's one feature T-Mobile customers are all too well acquainted to missing out on -- and considering that the just-announced flagship ZN5 doesn't even do any WCDMA, it shouldn't come as any surprise. Subscribers and would-be subscribers will be able to nab the E8 come July 7 for $199.99 on contract.

Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 hands-on, sorta

So here's the scene. We're at the Digital Experience show, trying to get our hands on a powered-up Sony Xperia X1. Sure, we found a unit that wasn't powered up, but that does you -- and us -- no good. Sony told us to come back in 15 minutes, so we grabbed some press kits, made a round of booths, and came back.

Sure enough, when we came back the X1 was powered up, but the nice booth lady tried to tell us that things weren't working just right and the unit was stuck on the config screen. After some jiggering, we determined the little X1 was just stuck on the touch screen calibration, and we were cruising through menus within minutes. It's pretty clear this unit wasn't ready for primetime -- you'll even see some HTC test apps in the below gallery -- but we were impressed by the screen's resolution and brightness. Windows Mobile 6.1 showed it face often in the UI, but the phone app and general utilities were looking good.

Overall, the X1 is a pleasure to behold -- it's one sexy device. That said, we'll have to wait how Sony Ericsson's user interface shapes up and just look at the pretty pictures in the gallery until mid-September.

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Toshiba Portege G810 + SPB Software = Nice Stuff!

I’ve been a huge fan of SPB for 5+ years and have worked with SPB both personally and professionally since. Up until the HTC Home Screen plugin, SPB Pocket Plus was the 1st application I loaded on any Pocket PC or PPC I got. Well, SPB came out with a smoking app called SPB Shell and I loved it as well. I guess I am not the only one. It seems Toshiba recognizes the beauty of SPB’s software.

"We designed the Portege G810 as a stylish touch screen Windows Mobile phone, ideal for both mobile-working and socializing, as it combines a powerful operating system with an incredibly user-friendly interface," says Bertrand Issard, Head of Product Planning & Strategy, Toshiba Information Systems (UK) Ltd. "We turned to Spb Software, with their extensive Windows Mobile software and usability expertise, to support us in creating a highly intuitive user interface for our Portege G810," he concludes."

Free GPS navigation for your device!

I caught this item on The Red Ferret Journal and thought it was a pretty cool item that you may like. Nav4All is a free gps navigation for your mobile phone! Yeah … FREE!! Available in 55 languages and is compatible with most handsets.

So will it be free forever? Maybe not but at least for the next couple of years it will be so I think it is worth looking at. What is huge (I think) is the ability to have access to maps all over the world … great if you are on that once in a lifetime trip!

Check out Nav4All here!

Motorola gets official with GPS-packing MING A1600, A1800

Motorola hasn't exactly been doing the best job keeping these two handsets under wraps, but it now looks like it can now rest a bit easier and let the details fly, as it's finally gotten official with both the MING A1600 and MING A1800. As we've seen, the two handsets are nearly identical, with each packing a 2.4-inch QVGA touchscreen, a 3-megapixel camera, integrated Bluetooth, a microSD card slot, an FM radio and, of particular note, built-in GPS (but no WiFi, as previously rumored). The MING A1800, however, adds two SIM card slots, which will let you hop between GSM and CDMA networks with relative ease. Still no official word on pricing or availability, unfortunately, but we'd expect those details to be making themselves known soon enough.

Yahoo! Go Beta 3 For Windows Mobile Professional

Yahoo! Go is today’s essential solution for anyone with a mobile phone. It’s an all-in-one offering that lets you enjoy the best of the Internet on your phone - for free.* Send an email, upload photos, download a map, search for answers, check stock quotes, or get breaking news - all that and much more is available through Yahoo! Go

Verizon's LG Dare touchscreen contender available tomorrow for $200

Verizon Wireless isn't kidding around with this new Dare phone from LG: it'll hit Verizon's online shop tomorrow (the 26th) for $200 with a $50 rebate, and then land in retail on July 3rd. We've had little time to get accustomed to its touchscreen mug, unlike Sprint's long run-up to the Instinct, but Verizon and LG have certainly done their homework. There's a whole lot to chew on here, so we're going to drop it on you bullet point style:


* Dimensions: 103.9 x 55.6 x 13.8 mm (that's 0.54-inches thick for us yanks)
* 3-inch, 240 x 400 touchscreen LCD with "Vibe-Touch" tactile feedback
* Rev A EV-DO
* 3.2 megapixel camera with LED flash, autofocus and exposure control
* 120 fps slow-motion movie record mode
* 3.5mm headphone jack
* microSD up to 8GB
* Proximity sensor for switching off the LCD when against your face
* Light sensor to adjust LCD brightness automatically
* Accelerometer
* 3D graphics acceleration, supports app transitions and rotations


* "Full HTML" browser (barely) with page overview and zoom functions
* V Cast store and VZ Navigator
* Cover Flow-alike music app
* 51 possible apps, 11 app "drag & drop" shortcut menu
* Shortcuts draggable to home screen
* Graphical favorites menu, drag icons to pertinent task like message, call or edit
* Contact list includes search ribbon and filtering
* Text input via QWERTY, predictive keypad or handwriting recognition
* Drawing pad includes colors, pen widths, eraser for scribbling and picture "editing"
* Background music listening
* Video editing, picture editing, panoramic stitching

Phew, these guys really packed it in. Stand by for our hands-on impressions.

LG Dare hands-on

We spent some touching (get it?) minutes with the new LG Dare that's hitting Verizon Wireless today, and while we didn't come away from the experience a changed human being, we've gotta congratulate LG and Verizon for the obvious effort they've put into this unit. Particularly with the hardware the phone seems determined to differentiate itself from its iPhone competition, with helpful tactile feedback while typing, (almost helpful) handwriting recognition, video recording (in slow-mo, if you'd like) and even editing, and the beefed-up photo taking capabilities that a 3.2 megapixel sensor and built-in flash provide. The basics aren't too bad either, with a sturdy and bright screen, peppy EV-DO Rev A., expandable memory and a flush 3.5mm headphone jack

Unfortunately, where things start to fall apart is polish. The phone inexplicably carries two app menus, one a "shortcut menu" accessed by a button off to the side of the home screen, the other a full-fledged affair accessed by the primary soft button row... which is also on the home screen. We also had trouble with the QWERTY keypad despite the abundant horizontal real estate the Dare commits to it. We got better as we became accustomed to tapping with our fingernails (thumb presses don't work, it's not a capacitive touch screen). Other things like the inability to fling your way through menus and long web pages are minor niggles, but detract from the overall experience.

It's also quite clear that the Dare is a featurephone, not a smartphone, so if you were hoping to manage email effectively or keep up with your appointments, you're probably better off sticking with one of those Big Kids phones -- even if the Dare's messaging and contact integration is admirable. The browser is also a "full HTML" browser in the most minor of senses. Sure it understands HTML, but it won't be rendering web pages anything like they're supposed to look, other than specially formatted mobile sites -- which sort of defeats the purpose. At least the anti-aliased fonts are a step up from traditional Verizon fare.

In all we'd liken the phone to its incohesive and boring external design: all the right elements are there, but they might need some more time in the oven to really make sense.

Blackberry Bold release date delayed?

According to reports crossing the wires this morning, Research In Motion is expected to delay the release of its next-gen BlackBerry Bold. The Boy Genius is claiming that software issues, battery life problems, and overheating are causing the hold-up, which will move the street date back to mid-August as opposed to the presumed July release on AT&T. There's been no confirmation from RIM on the news, but that's not stopping analysts from predicting the move will lower the company's second quarter earnings outlook. We're pretty sure it'll make businessmen with twitchy thumbs none-too-happy as well.

Nokia Releases Internet Tablet OS Update

Nokia and Maemo have formally announced the official release of the next iteration of their Internet Tablet operating system.

Codenamed Diablo, the OS2008 Feature Pack update includes several internal enhancements to performance, wireless capabilities, and stability.

The launch of this update likely signals the impending release of the latest Nokia Internet Tablet, the N810 WiMax Edition, as many of the updates in the operating system pave the way for this upcoming device to be utilized fully.

What's New?

Some of the major features of this update include:

SSU (seamless software updating) which enables components of the operating system to be updated without having to flash/rewrite the entire operating system.
Over-the-air (OTA) updates via Wi-Fi and WiMax connections
Update of the email client to Modest with several enhancements to the user interface and additional support of several mobile-friendly email features.
Addition of Chinese fonts to the system font list
Miscellaneous bug fixes to OpenSSL
Browser panning fixes
A-GPS support for the N810 and N810WE
Updates to the Wayfinder GPS application
and more
Because this is not a major update, most applications will continue to work from the previous version (OS2008) without a problem.

Download Information

This OS2008 Feature update is compatible with the Nokia N800 and N810 Internet Tablets. Previous versions of the Internet Tablet platform -- specifically the Nokia 770 -- are not supported.

Users can download the update via the following links:

* N800 Users
* N810 Users

There is also a Flasher Wizard available to help guide users through the updating process.

Nokia N78 Launched in the U.S.

The N78 is one of the most recent smartphones released by Nokia, and is an entry-level model in this company's N-series of multimedia-themed smartphones.

At its unveiling, Nokia announced that both European and North American 3G variants of the N78 would be available, and now this has come to pass with the formal U.S. introduction of this device.

About the Nokia N78

The Nokia N78 is one of the first models to will come with an updated Symbian S60 operating system. Called S60 Feature Pack 2, this update adds better device performance, usability enhancements, and security enhancements.

In addition to S60 Feature Pack 2, the N78 features Wi-Fi and 3G for broadband-like wireless data connectivity. Refinements in the operating system also allow these connections to be better utilized in a new feature called Access Point Groups.

Wireless abilities of the N78 are further extended with onboard GPS and A-GPS. The addition of both of these enables geotagging of photos, use of Nokia Maps 2.0, and other location-based software.

Bluetooth 2.0 with EDR and A2DP, and a built-in FM-transmitter compliment the wireless abilities of this handset further.

Backing all of this ability is a relatively large 1200 mAh battery. However, with dimensions of 113 mm (L), 49 mm (W), and 15.1 mm (thick) in a candybar shape, it remains small enough to slip in and out of the hand quickly.

The hardware design is further accented with a front face which "blends" into the background when not lit. The number-pad is composed of three slim lines of plastic, while the dual stereo speakers (top right and bottom left) round out a design created for both entertainment and work settings.

Instead of a 5-way directional pad, the N78 comes with a Navi-Wheel to navigate menus and longer screens. The 320-by-240-pixel screen otherwise dominates the front side of the N78, and offers up to 16 million colors and an ambient light sensor.

This smartphone features a 3.2 megapixel camera with auto focus and Carl Zeiss optical technology. It has a 20x digital zoom with the ability to record MPEG-4 VGA video at 15 fps. A secondary camera is also on-board to facilitate video calling in supported markets.

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A Very Early Look at the BlackBerry Javelin

The BlackBerry Javelin isn't expected to debut until the middle of next year, but rumors on it are already spreading.

A video of a prototype unit of this upcoming smartphone has been leaked to Engadget.

The oddest part of the early reports on this device -- which will be part of the BlackBerry 9000 series -- is that it will lack 3G support. By the middle of 2009, a 3G-less smartphone may seem very out of date.

The Javelin will, however, supposedly sport Wi-Fi, a GPS receiver, and a 3.2 megapixel camera.

There's no word yet on which carrier will offer this smartphone, or what it will cost.

BlackBerry Niagra, Too

Also surfacing this week is the first report on the BlackBerry Niagra.

This will be a smartphone similar to the Javelin, but scheduled for release by Verizon Wireless in May of 2009. Unlike the other model, the Niagra will supposedly have the 3G standard EV-DO

Sprint Launching Samsung Instinct Tomorrow

Tomorrow, Sprint is going to introduce the Samsung Instinct, which isn't a smartphone by most people's definitions, but is still being viewed by many as a strong competitor for the iPhone.

This device will offer the features people have come to expect from a high-end phone, including a web browser, 3G, email, a GPS receiver, and more.

The Instinct will be based around a 3.1-inch, 240-by-432-pixel touchscreen. This will include tactile feedback, called haptics, which will allow the virtual QWERTY keypad to feel a little more like a real one.

This will be Sprint's first consumer-oriented phone with EV-DO Rev. A, which offers faster data connections than the original version of EV-DO, especially when uploading.

Support for Sprint Navigation will bring GPS-enabled audio and on-screen turn-by-turn driving directions, including rerouting around traffic problems.

The Instinct will also support Sprint's Visual Voicemail service.

Other features will include a 2.0 megapixel camera with camcorder, microSD memory card slot with SDHC support, and stereo Bluetooth 2.0.

Overall, this product will be 4.6 inches by 2.2 inches by 0.5 inches, and 4.4 ounces.

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Are you deciding to grab a iPhone, HTC Touch Diamond or Samsung i900? Here is a Samsung SGH-i900 video on its application and user interface

Samsung (i900) Specifications

* Network: HSDPA (7.2 Mbps), EDGE / GPRS 850/900/1800/1900
* OS: Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional
* Display: 3.2″ WQVGA TFT LCD (240 x 400)
* Camera: 5 Megapixel CMOS
* Auto Focus, Image Stablizer, Geo-tagging, Auto-Panorama Shot,
* Wide Dynamic Range (WDR), Face Detection, Smile Detection
* Video: DivX / XviD / H.263 / H.264 / WMV / MP4
* Video Editing: Trim video, Audio dubbing, Live dubbing, Add subtitle, Image capture
* FM Radio with RDS
* MP3/ AAC / AAC+ / WMA / OGG / AMR
* TouchWiz UI
* MS Office Document Viewer, Advanced PIM Apps, Push Email,
* Auto Rotation, TV Out
* Bluetooth 2.0 / USB 2.0 / Wi-Fi
* 8GB / 16GB Flash + External Memory slot : microSDHC
* Size: 112 x 56.9 x 12.5 mm
* Battery: 1440 mAh

Sony Ericsson's Xperia X1 gets handled, photographed

The lucky chaps over at Boy Genius Report have managed to get their hands all over Sony Ericsson's latest and greatest -- the hotly anticipated Xperia X1. Early word is that the 800 x 480 screen, optical joystick, and speedy HSDPA data are all very welcome, but the keyboard (which looks like it would be a joy to type on) leaves a lot to be desired. Of course, the OS should come as no surprise, and they don't seem to have any shots of Sony's "panel interface," so for now you'll have to make do with some nice looks at the exteriors of the device. Hit the read link and check it out yourself

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Watch the Mobile Videos

You can watch the mobile videos from http://vimobile.blogspot.com/

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First Image of a Touchscreen BlackBerry Appears

Smartphones with touchscreens are all the rage now, and it appears even RIM isn't going to be able to buck the trend. There have been rumors about the first BlackBerry with a touchscreen for some time, and now an image of this device has supposedly appeared.

The picture in question, leaked to Boy Genius Report, shows a device that looks a great deal like some were expecting: a tablet shape with a relatively large screen.

No keyboard, not even a sliding one, appears in the picture, and neither does a trackball. There are, however, a full collection of standard control buttons.

This smartphone will supposedly be called the BlackBerry Thunder, and very few additional details are known about it.

It is expected to be released at some point before the end of this year. The the leaked image has the Verizon Wireless logo, which means it will run on CDMA wireless networks, but a wide variety of carriers are likely to eventually offer this model, including ones that use the GSM standard.

Apple officially announces iPhone 3G

Yesterday at WWDC, Steve Jobs confirmed the long-rumored iPhone 2 or rather the iPhone 3G as Apple are calling it. It hits stores in the US and over 70 other countries on July 11th. The prince in the US has been confirmed at $199 for the 8GB version, and $299 for the 16GB one (in black and white).

The new features mentioned are the 3G connectivity (obviously) and built in GPS. There's also support for Exchange email in version 2.0 of the firmware as well as 'Dramatically Improved Audio', solid metal buttons and, thankfully, a flush headphone jack.

The offical press release:

Apple Introduces the New iPhone 3G

Twice as Fast at Half the Price

SAN FRANCISCO, June 9 ? Apple(R) today introduced the new iPhone(TM) 3G, combining all the revolutionary features of iPhone with 3G networking that is twice as fast* as the first generation iPhone, built-in GPS for expanded location based mobile services, and iPhone 2.0 software which includes support for Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync and runs the hundreds of third party applications already built with the recently released iPhone SDK. In the US the new iPhone 3G is priced at a stunning $199 for the 8GB model, and just $299 for the 16GB model.** iPhone 3G will be available in more than 70 countries later this year, beginning with customer availability in 22 countries ? Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK and the US ? on July 11.

"Just one year after launching the iPhone, we're launching the new iPhone 3G that is twice as fast at half the price," said Steve Jobs, Apple's CEO. "iPhone 3G supports Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync right out of the box, runs the incredible third party apps created with the iPhone SDK, and will be available in more than 70 countries around the world this year."

iPhone 3G gives users ever faster access to the Internet and email over their cellular network with quad-band GSM and tri-band HSDPA for voice and data connectivity around the world. iPhone 3G supports Wi-Fi, 3G and EDGE networks and automatically switches between them to ensure the fastest possible download speeds. The new iPhone 3G also makes it easier to multi-task with simultaneous voice and data communications, so with iPhone 3G you can browse the web, get map directions, or check your email while you are on a call.

iPhone 3G includes the new iPhone 2.0 software with both the iPhone SDK and key enterprise features such as support for Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync to provide over-the-air push email, contact and calendar syncing as well as remote wipe and Cisco IPsec VPN for encrypted access to corporate networks. The iPhone SDK allows developers to create amazing applications that leverage the iPhone's groundbreaking Multi-Touch(TM) user interface, animation technology, accelerometer and GPS technology on the world's most advanced mobile platform.

iPhone 3G includes the new App Store, providing iPhone users with native applications in a variety of categories including games, business, news, sports, health, reference and travel. The App Store on iPhone works over cellular networks and Wi-Fi, which means it is accessible from just about anywhere, so you can purchase and download applications wirelessly and start using them instantly. Some applications are even free and the App Store notifies you when application updates are available. The App Store will be available in 62 countries at launch.

Additional features available with the iPhone 2.0 software include the ability to do real-time mapping and track your progress with GPS technology, mass move and delete multiple email messages, search for contacts, access a new scientific calculator, turn on parental control restrictions for specified content, save images directly from a web page or email them to your iPhone and easily transfer them back to your photo library on your Mac(R) or PC. iPhone 3G delivers an amazing 10 hours of talk time on 2G networks and 5 hours using 3G, with up to 5 to 6 hours of web browsing, up to 7 hours for video playback and up to 24 hours for audio playback.

iPhone 3G takes advantage of MobileMe(TM), a new Internet service that pushes email, contacts, and calendars from an online "cloud" to native applications on iPhone, iPod(R) touch, Macs and PCs. With MobileMe email, messages are pushed instantly to iPhone, removing the need to manually check email and wait for downloads, and push keeps contacts and calendars continuously up-to-date so changes made on one device are automatically updated on other devices. With iPhone, you can even snap a photo and post it directly to a MobileMe Gallery to share with friends and family.

iPhone 3G will be available in the US on July 11 for a suggested retail price of $199 (US) for the 8GB model and $299 (US) for the 16GB model in both Apple and AT&T's retail stores and requires a new two year contract with AT&T for qualifying customers. iPhone 2.0 software will be available on July 11 as a free software update via iTunes(R) 7.7 or later for all iPhone customers. For further information about iPhone 3G pricing and availability in the US and internationally, visit http://www.apple.com/iphone.

* Based on 3G and EDGE testing. Actual speeds vary by site conditions.

** Based on iPhone 3G (8G and first generation iPhone (8G purchases. Requires new two year AT&T rate plan, sold separately.

Apple ignited the personal computer revolution in the 1970s with the Apple II and reinvented the personal computer in the 1980s with the Macintosh.

Today, Apple continues to lead the industry in innovation with its award-winning computers, OS X operating system and iLife and professional applications. Apple is also spearheading the digital media revolution with its iPod portable music and video players and iTunes online store, and has entered the mobile phone market with its revolutionary iPhone.

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Samsung's i900 Omnia gets official, hands-on treatment

One of Samsung's worst kept secrets (if we can even call it that) has finally been "announced" by the company, and we're guessing the timing here isn't coincidental. Nevertheless, the Windows Mobile 6.1-powered i900 Omnia features quad-band GSM / GPRS / EDGE support, 7.2Mbps HSDPA, a built-in accelerometer, WiFi module, USB port, FM tuner, Bluetooth, 3.2-inch 400 x 240 resolution display and a 5-megapixel camera (with smile detection and geotagging). An 8GB and 16GB version will soon be available, and prospective buyers can expect to see Sammy's own TouchWiz user interface loaded on. Reportedly, the handset will be available later this month in undisclosed areas of the globe (probably after being showcased at CommunicAsia), while Europe is expected to see it in July. Hands-on photos await you in the read link.

Nokia E71 and N66 online demos leak out

After spying those "in the wild" shots of Nokia's E71 and N66, we knew something had to be up -- and that does appear to be the case. A forum member over at Mobile-Review has stumbled upon user demos for both of the forthcoming devices, featuring in-depth Flash walkthroughs on how to master all the basic features of either phone. It seems likely that an announcement is due any day now (though we're thinking it won't be coming on Monday) -- but at least you can enjoy a bunch of new angles and animations while you wait.

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iCall enables seamless GSM to WiFi switching on iPhone

VoIP has been ushered onto the iPhone in quite a few incarnations, but we'd wager than none of 'em are as useful as iCall. Said application is currently in beta form, though a release isn't quite ready for the public at large. Put simply, it enables iPhones to switch from GSM to WiFi (when WiFi is nearby, of course) on-the-fly in order to save cell minutes and bypass the hassle of manually changing over. Interested? We thought you'd be -- hop on past the break to see a demonstrative video of the app in action, and keep a close eye on the read link for a sure-to-surface-soon download

iCall VoIP on the Apple iPhone from Arlo & Andy on Vimeo.

Nokia N78 video hands-on

We unboxed this little N-series wonder yesterday, but if you've still got a hankering for more N78, there's a video after the break that should uncover all its magical wares. Or maybe it just shows us messing around with the phone for a few minutes with no real purpose or direction. One of those.

Philips X800 low-end touchscreen phone details revealed

We already knew that Philips had plans to release the low-end touchscreen X800, but now we know just how low it was willing to go with this thing. Confirmed are the lack of 3G, EDGE (which still shocks us), and WiFi. Meanwhile, the 2.9-inch, 240x400 screen, only supports 256K colors, and the phone's browser is your basic WAP 2.0/xHTML. It does support Bluetooth 2.0 with A2DP, though, so that's a plus. Other bits: it will allow for expansion via microSD, support MP3 ringtones, and packs a USB port. In short, not a whole lot to see here.

Philips X800 specifications:

* General: 2G Network GSM 900 / 1800 / 1900
* Announced: 2008, May
* Status: Coming soon
* Display: Type TFT touchscreen, 256K colors
* Size: 240 x 400 pixels (Wide QVGA), 2.9 inches
* - Screensavers and wallpapers
* Ringtones Type: Polyphonic (64 channels), MP3
* Customization: Download
* Vibration: Yes
* Memory Phonebook: Yes
* Call records: 30 received, dialed and missed calls
* Card slot: microSD (TransFlash)
* Data: GPRS Class 10 (4+1/3+2 slots), 32 - 48 kbps
* EDGE: No
* 3G: No
* WLAN: No
* Bluetooth: Yes, v2.0 with A2DP
* Infrared port: No
* USB: Yes
* Features Messaging: SMS, EMS, MMS
* Browser: WAP 2.0/xHTML
* Games: Yes
* Colors: Black

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HTC Touch Pro now official

June 4th, 2008

Following on from my post about the pre-order availability of the HTC Touch Pro, HTC have just sent me the their press release making the HTC Touch Pro official. You'll also find the HTC Touch Pro now puts in an appearance on the HTC website (www.htc.com).

Taipei, Taiwan ? June 4, 2008 ? HTC Corp., a global leader in mobile phone innovation and design, today unveiled its advanced next generation business phone, the HTC Touch Pro?. Bringing a beautiful new angle to mobile business productivity, the HTC Touch Pro utilizes similar styling and functionality of the highly anticipated Touch Diamond? and introduces a variety of business-focused enhancements that make getting work done on the go quick and easy.

?The HTC Touch Pro and Touch Diamond have created a new generation of HTC touch devices that make the promise of the one-hand, one-touch mobile Internet a reality,? said Peter Chou, president and CEO, HTC Corp. ?HTC Touch Pro is for those customers that demand the ease of use and enjoyment of TouchFLO? 3D and want the styling of the Touch Diamond but also need the powerful mobile business experience that HTC delivers.?

A New Dimension To Touch ? One hand, one touch
HTC has taken a great leap forward in touch screen innovation with its 3D touch interface called TouchFLO 3D. TouchFLO 3D provides a stunningly intuitive way to zip through common tasks like messaging, calendar appointments or making calls with just one touch. Delve a little deeper to find that your music, photos, contacts and surfing the web are also responsive to the touch. In addition, the Touch Pro includes a new innovative touch-sensitive control for device interaction.

Making The Mobile Internet Useful and Fun
With the introduction of Touch Diamond and Touch Pro, HTC delivers an entirely new mobile Internet experience that utilizes broadband-like speeds with HSDPA 7.2 Mbps and HSUPA wireless connectivity. Committed to improving Web browsing, HTC provides a new customized mobile Web browser that enables easy viewing and effortless navigation of Websites in the way they are designed to be viewed on a PC. As part of this browsing experience users can zoom and pan Websites with one-hand and automatically view optimized content that has been specially created to fit the display. Turning the device sideways automatically rotates the web page view from a portrait to landscape view.

In addition to Web browsing, the Touch Pro includes an HTC-developed, YouTube application for watching a variety of user generated video content as well as including Google Maps for mobile for mapping and traffic data.

Unmatched Style With Complete Productivity
Like the Touch Diamond, Touch Pro is crafted with precision to fit comfortably in a user?s hand and brings together elegant touch screen response with the direct precision of HTC?s trademark sliding keyboard design. Introducing a new five-row QWERTY keyboard layout that makes typing-intensive tasks like composing email or working on Microsoft Office® documents quick and easy. Built-in TV-out functionality means users can deliver the perfect PowerPoint® presentation from the Touch Pro.

Bursting with Innovation
The Touch Pro delivers an unrivalled combination of features and functionality. The 2.8 inch display provides near-print quality viewing that enables beautiful Web browsing and viewing of photographs. The built-in camera includes an optical auto-focus lens that ensures the photos you take will be clear and consistent. Advanced wireless and auto sensor screen pivoting are just a few of the features that make the Touch Pro experience a stand out.

The HTC Touch Pro? will be available to customers across all major European, Asian and the Middle East markets in late summer. The North American and Latin American versions of Touch Pro will be available later in 2008.

Key HTC Touch Pro Specifications

Size: 102 x 51 x 18.05mm
Weight: 165 g
Connectivity: WCDMA / HSPA: 900/2100MHz. HSDPA 7.2 Mbps and HSUPA
Operating system: Windows Mobile® 6.1 Professional
Display: 2.8-inch VGA touch screen
Camera: 3.2MP, with video calling
Internal memory: 512 MB flash, 288 MB RAM
Expansion Slot: microSD? memory card (SD 2.0 compatible)
Keyboard: Slide-out 5 row QWERTY keyboard
Bluetooth: 2.0 with EDR
Wireless: WiFi 802.11b/g
Interface: HTC ExtUSB (mini-USB and audio jack in one; USB 2.0 High-Speed)
Battery: 1350 mAh
Talk time: GSM: up to 8 hours
Standby time: GSM: up to two-weeks
Chipset: Qualcomm MSM 7201A @ 528MHz
HTC Introduces New Accessories Also today, HTC announced multiple accessories will available for the Touch Diamond and Touch Pro including a similarly designed desktop cradle and travel charger accessory pack as well as an extended battery and slim collapsible case for the Touch Diamond.

About HTC Founded in 1997, HTC Corp. (HTC) designs, manufactures and markets innovative, feature rich smartphone and PDA Phone devices.

Since its establishment, HTC has developed strong R& capabilities, pioneered many new designs and product innovations and launched state-of-the-art PDA Phones and smartphones for mobile operators and distributors in Europe, the US, and Asia. These machines are available as HTC devices and as products individually customized for operator and device partners.

HTC is one of the fastest growing companies in the mobile device market. The company is listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange under ticker 2498. For more information about HTC, please visit www.htc.com.