30 Haziran 2008 Pazartesi

Nokia N78 Review and Price

Nokia N78 is official out, this is another amazing A-GPS integrated mobile phone that includes a 3.2MP camera featured with Carl Zeiss optics. Nokia N78 will be available starting today at select electronics and wireless retailers, online retailers and at the Nokia Flagship Stores in Chicago and New York. Nokia N78 is expected to be priced at $560.

Nokia N78 will include free three month trial navigation license for the Nokia Maps service, which enables users to calculate routing information, provides details on up to 15 million different points of interest, and gives audible and visual turn-by-turn directions from point A to point B. With the integrated A-GPS, users can ‘geotag’ images they take on their Nokia N78 with local information.

With this information images can be uploaded to Share on Ovi or other selected image sharing sites, one can also include not only when the picture was taken but also where the picture was taken, even displaying that information visually present on the map.

For people who want to be handy with their music, the Nokia N78 has two amazing includes - a digital music player and an integrated FM transmitter which ensures a complete audio experience. With storage for up to 8GB of music on an optional MicroSD memory card, a music collection can be easily shared and enjoyed in the home or car by playing it wirelessly through the FM radio.

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