30 Haziran 2008 Pazartesi

Motorola Ming A1600 and Ming A1800 Review

Motorola has silently launched its two new variants of Ming this week. A close look at the specifications can certainly give you an idea why they chose to go for things this way. Ming A1600 has got everything that its parent Moto Ming 1200 had but it still leaves a lot to desire.

Ming A1600 has a 2.4 inch 262K color display with QVGA resolution and the routine stylus with a semi-transparent flap. It also has the business card scanner which we saw in its predecessor.

A 3 megapixel camera seems satisfying while a feature of continuous autofocus is the first that we are seeing in any phone. A built-in GPS will allow you to geotag the captured images.A micro SD card slot (up to 4 GB) with stereo bluetooth, and a stereo FM radio is always a welcome thing in any decent mid-range cell phone.

Motorola Ming A1600 however disappoints as it lacks 3G and WiFi connectivity. The Moto Ming look is also not something that everyone admires plus it is notorious for the plastic quality of the phone.

The wiring around the semi-transparent flap is delicate and needs unwanted precaution.

Motorola Ming A1800 is a complete copy cat of Ming A1600 and the only thing that makes it a little different and better is that it supports connection to two separate networks at the same time.

So you can hook to both GSM network and the CDMA simultaneously but the GSM doesn’t support either 3G or EDGE.

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