30 Haziran 2008 Pazartesi

Battle of the Keyboards: XPERIA X1 vs. HTC Touch Pro

MobileBurn scored an early look at the Touch Pro -- which won't be available at retail for a month or three yet -- and came away impressed with the all-important keyboard, saying that it was "much more" usable than the QWERTY found on Sony Ericsson's rival superphone. Closed, it's said to be virtually indistinguishable from the Touch Diamond (which we'd say is a good thing) other than being a bit thicker to accomodate they keyboard and picking up a matte-finish rear cover.

Two top-notch devices: the HTC Touch Pro and the Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1. Both have specs that would make any geek weak at the knees, but when it comes to the keyboard, word on the street is that there's simply no contest - the Touch Pro comes out on top. Check out what MobileBurn has to say, and do take a look at the pics. Engadget has plenty of X1 pics for your perusal, too.

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