16 Ocak 2009 Cuma

HTC’s 2009 lineup leaked

There has been a rather interesting leak this afternoon, and I don’t mean the onion kind! The folks over at DIYPDA.com (via PPCGeeks via wmpoweruser and thanks to Edwardo for the heads-up!) has posted extensive photos of HTC’s handset lineup for 2009!

Looks like HTC are continuing to name their newer models after precious stones and metals with an excellent looking Diamond replacement in the Topaz and what looks like the rumoured QWERTY keyboarded version of the Touch HD in HTC Rhodium. I particularly like the look of the new HTC Athena (HTC Advantage) based device the HTC Athena 2 or HTC Thoth as it’s called here. There are even a couple of Android units in there if that tickles your fancy!

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