30 Kasım 2008 Pazar

GPS-Action is a location-based application for Symbian S60 mobiles which sets automatic alarms and performs different actions depending on where the device is at any given moment.

It works alongside the Landmarks application to set the type of action and alarm to be executed, as well as alarm frequency, minimal playtime, condition, and corresponding landmark.

Some of the other features of GPS-Action include:

* Recurring alarms and actions set by schedule
* Two types of geo positioning: based on GPS and Cell information
* Full synchronization with native Nokia Landmarks
* Personalized and custom alarm tones
* and more

GPS-Action works with Symbian S60 devices whether they have a GPS radio or not. It is compatible with S60 version 3.

This application sells for $9.99. For more information, or to download the 10-day trial , visit the GPS-Action website at Symbian Guru.

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