15 Kasım 2008 Cumartesi

New Images May Be Screenshots of Windows Mobile 6.5

A pair of screenshots have been making the rounds online, claiming to show the user interface of the upcoming Windows Mobile 6.5.

The first of the images, originally obtained by website SmartphoneFrance.info, depicts a hexagonal application launcher featuring several common Windows Mobile applications, as well as a new YouTube icon.

The second image shows a vertical listing of items not dissimilar to the "tile" interface on Windows Mobile 6.1 Standard, listing time, weather, and messages along with other entries.

The poor quality of the images -- including small typographical errors such as "Task" instead of "Tasks," and "Youtube" instead of "YouTube," as well as the switching of battery and signal strength icons between shots -- has resulted in widespread speculation that they are fakes, and not representative of UI changes in Windows Mobile 6.1.

However, the possibility exists that the alleged screenshots are something like concept art created for internal use at Microsoft to provide a feel for new UI ideas, and not actual images of a working build. For that reason, it is impossible to disprove them as yet.

More About Windows Mobile 6.5

Though previously unknown, the existence of a Windows Mobile 6.5 was accidentally revealed to the public two weeks ago when Sanjay Jha, the head of Motorola's mobile device division, mentioned it as part of the company's strategy, noting that it contained "significant new added features which will help the platform."

Only a few days ago Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer confirmed the existence of the new OS build, saying only that it would be available on devices some time next year.


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