6 Ağustos 2008 Çarşamba

HTC Touch Pro coming to Vodafone

Today we discovered that Vodafone are going to carry the HTC Touch Pro and, a little earlier than we expected, are due to launch the device some time this month!

For those of you that don't know about the Touch Pro (where have you been hiding?) this is the new device from HTC that's very similar to the HTC Touch Diamond in terms of size and specification but the Touch Pro looses the 4GB of internal storage in favour of a MicroSD card slot and also sports a sliding QWERTY keyboard which has given the Pro the unofficial nickname 'TyTN III'.

I suspect that the Touch Pro will have a great deal of appeal to business customers and wonder if the imminent launch of the Touch Pro is why Orange are not offering the Touch Diamond to corporate customers?

You can see more of the HTC Touch Pro on the Vodafone Business Shop site.

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