7 Ağustos 2008 Perşembe

HTC Update Diamond ROM (again!)

No this isn't a mistake or a repeat-post but in fact HTC just released another ROM update for the HTC Touch Diamond. This time it's version 1.93 and is available for the UK and other European countries.

As with other HTC ROM updates, in order to download the update you must have an HTC Touch Diamons and have registered it's serial number through your e-club account. Once you have done this then the download will be available as a "Phone Software Update" in the "My Downloads" section of your account.

The download is just over 98MB in size and the update process takes around 20 minutes to perform. This is a full ROM update so EVERYTHING will be wiped from your Diamond (Internal Storage is Safe) during the upgrade so be sure to backup all of your important data before you begin the update process!

Updated in this ROM:

* Camera navigation
* Improved TouchFlo response
* Updates to weather
* text alert speed

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