20 Ağustos 2008 Çarşamba

Official Windows Mobile 6.1 ROM Update for Motorola Q9h

"Mike, who'd previously let us know about that leaked out 6.1 update has been watching Motorola's site like a ravenous hawk hovering over a field mouse. That mouse has finally popped out of its hole: head on over to Motorola's site for the official Motorola Q9h 6.1 Update. You're going to need the standard complement of update tools before you get going: Windows XP or Vista, internet connectivity (the software just might be calling home to check to see if your Q9h is legit), and a full backup before you update. Like all ROM updates, this one will wipe your device, so get prepared."

It is time to start backing up all of your data! Motorola has finally come around to giving the Q9h the old update treatment. For those that have not had a chance to use the sliding panels before, they are actually quite fun. Light years ahead of the incredibly plain coma inducing default homescreen that came equipped with Windows Mobile 6 and below.

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