27 Ağustos 2008 Çarşamba

Windows Mobile 6.1 Comes to the AT&T Tilt

HTC and AT&T have just released a free Windows Mobile 6.1 upgrade for the AT&T Tilt. This brings the latest version of Microsoft's operating system to this widely-used smartphone.

Among the enhancements are:

* Threaded SMS
* Microsoft Voice Command
* OneNote Mobile
* PTT Button now reassignable

HTC TiltThis ROM upgrade is available now on HTC's website. It is a free download.

More About the AT&T Tilt

For the benefit of those who are now interested in learning more about the Tilt because of this upgrade, this smartphone is practically loaded down with features.

Among these are 3G cellular-wireless networking and Wi-Fi, a GPS receiver, a built-in landscape-oriented keyboard, and a 3 MPx camera.

What's a ROM Update?

The ROM is where the operating system and built-in applications are stored. Changes made to the files in ROM are permanent and will survive the device undergoing a hard reset.

Updating the ROM will erase everything that's on the smartphone, so it's important to back up any files before installing the new version of the operating system. This doesn't apply to files that are on a removable memory card.

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