17 Aralık 2008 Çarşamba

Easy iPhone 3G Unlocking Coming Soon

The infamous iPhone Dev Team is close to releasing a tool for easily unlocking the iPhone 3G, which will allow this smartphone to be used on networks other than AT&T.

The team said on its blog that work on this software -- codenamed yellowsn0w -- is complete, but is currently being packaged into a user-friendly application. The target release date is New Year's Eve.

It will require an iPhone 3G that has been jailbroken and has baseband 2.11.07 or earlier.

Freeing the iPhone

Installing this software will allow the iPhone 3G to be used with any GSM network, such as T-Mobile USA or Rogers. However, 3G service won't be available with T-Mobile, as it uses an incompatible frequency for this service.

Naturally, AT&T objects to this -- it is offering the iPhone 3G at a discount in exchange for two years of subscription fees. AT&T's partner Apple has done everything in its power to prevent people from unlocking this device, which explains why it has taken about 6 months for this software to be developed.

More information is available on the Dev Team Blog.

Source brighthand

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