23 Aralık 2008 Salı

iPhone Nano cases appear online

Has a rogue case manufacturer once again jumped the gun on an Apple iPhone announcement?

XSKN has a section of its Web site that promises an "iPhone Nano" case alongside cases for the iPhone 3G and the first-generation iPhone, as noted by MacRumors. Earlier this month a Chinese Web site called iDealsChina reported that XSKN was working on a case for a purported iPhone Nano that is supposedly shorter and thicker than the iPhone 3G.

It still seems a stretch that Apple would be gearing up to release such a device, given the screen size on an iPhone Nano would make typing a chore and could present problems for developers who designed applications with a different screen size in mind. These rumors are not new, however, and it has always seems evident that Apple planned to roll out a family of iPhones over time.

An iPhone Nano certainly would give Macworld 2009 a bit of a boost. XSKN prematurely revealed its case designs for the iPhone 3G before that device made its debut in June, so they've at least got a track record of scooping Apple. At the moment, the link on their site for the iPhone Nano case is generating errors, and it may not be long before it disappears entirely.

Source cnet

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