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MobileFiles Pro Lets iPhone Users Edit Excel Documents

QuickOffice Inc. is best known for its suite of applications that allow Symbian S60 devices to work with Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files. This company has now taken its first step toward bringing this same functionality to Apple's iPhone line.

QuickOffice MobileFiles ProThe recently-released MobileFiles Pro, among its other features, allows users to edit and create Microsoft Excel 2003 documents in their native format.

The iPhone 3G comes with a viewer that can display Microsoft Word and Excel files, but not edit them. This requires third-party software. MobileFiles Pro isn't the first application to add Excel support to this line of smartphones, but QuickOffice is the best-known company so far to release such an app.

Other Features

MobileFiles Pro adds a file manager to the iPhone, and also allows users to remotely access their files.

iPhone users with MobileMe accounts have easy access to their email, contacts, calendar, and gallery but can't retrieve their iDisk files directly from their smartphone. MobileFiles adds this missing feature.

It also lets users wirelessly transfer files between a desktop (Mac or PC) and the iPhone.

In addition, it includes a viewer for a wide variety of file types, including images, media files, Microsoft Office, iWork, PDF and many others.

MobileFiles Pro is available on the Apple App Store for $9.99.

A free version, called MobileFiles, just allows access to iDisk files on the iPhone.

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