4 Temmuz 2008 Cuma

Agile instant messenger for iPhone

Apple iPhone now has another IM client to help its users stay connected with their friends every time and anytime. Agilemobile announced the launch of its Agile messenger which is a multi-protocol messaging client. The company claims that it’s the most user-friendly and feature rich iPhone messenger yet, it has got enough meat to prove his point too.

Agile messenger lets users to communicate on ICQ, AOL, Yahoo!, MSN, Google Talk and XMPP networks simultaneously.

Its multimedia prowess lets you send images, video and voice messages from mobile to mobile and mobile to PC. And the best feature has to be the “copy and paste” which lets you to copy a certain block of text and then paste it in the message field.

The online status can be changed with a simple tap on the top of screen while it has a run-in-th-background capability which lets you know the incoming messages with a soiund.

This is perfectly suitable application if you are looking for IM on iPhone it even has easy one-tap icons for setting your online status and messages. Its interface is sleek and easy to work, highly usable.

Agile messenger works on previous version of iPhone which lacked 3G as well as ipod Touch. It’s also compatible with Symbian 60, 80 , 90 and Symbian UIQ alongwith Windows platform.

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