28 Temmuz 2008 Pazartesi

iPhone 3G GPS a strong aid in Mobile Commerce

How will new 3G iPhone revolution change the world we live in? gone are they days of trunk calls and letters, we are now social on www. We keep in touch in better way, we know whats happening with whom and where, we know a lot more credit goes to the new technology, which changes by the second. Are you tracking your friends who are blogging, nanoblogging and geotagging? Everything around is cool, interesting and techno rich.

Many people fell in love with iphone, and with all its features and interface, They can not imagine a life without it anymore! But then iphone 3G comes out. it excited me even further. Everything is just cool about this device.

iPhone changed my life for sure and with the new 3G iPhone they wonder, how important this could be for users? what can we do with this power that fits in our hands? What is the commercial value to this one? How can marketers make the best use of this product.

Everything just got more nicer, iphone has an application market as well, but no I am not writing this in context to that, what compels me to believe that has huge potential is iPhone 3G’s GPS.

iPhone 3G comes with fully integrated GPS on a user-friendly and consumer device. Where as geeks like us keep tweaking it on the previous phones which required hacks to have GPS on them.

iPhone developer SDK also lets you create applications that using this technology. What should we expect to see?

I am expecting see more innovative stuff that marketers of the new era would like to do differently. Imagine if you knew exactly where your customers were? Would you create an app that links people together who are physically close? Would you like to serve commercial messages that were relevant to their location?

Here is how GPS enabled iphone 3G is going change it.

How Geo-tagging can be automated
If you are carrying a device that knows where you are, it can auto geo-tag any kind of data you get hold of. Click a picture at location and upload it to Flickr and Flickr will pull the geo information and place the photo on the right place on the map. Update your Twitter while you are on move, it could auto update your location to the nearest city name or even the exact location you’re standing Imagine how can this ability be leveraged, no you don’t have to think it use as spying, but think out of the box, with technology’s changing face lets see it as a proactive input that everyone would be comfortable sharing with.

Find who is close by to you
How about you updating Facebook, and it prompting to you, informing about friends who are close by. This would be cool thing knowing where you are and where your friends are in real time, Isn’t it? Facebook’s iPhone app could alert you when any of your contacts are within 1/2 mile of your location. You could send message them to see if they can meet you.

For groups, stores and other organizations one could create an application which people could readily subscribe to that would allow them to receive promotions and offers whenever they are close by to its location.

Mobile Based Selling
With geotagging and proximity awareness it makes more useful for commercial purpose, you can actually prompt relevant, geo-targeted offers and with further application development, these can be used to make buying via your iphone possible. A Simple transaction, yet safe. Mobile commerce can see a new dimension now with the abilities that iphone 3G carries along. This phone can be a lot more than just a calling and multimedia rich browsing device. It not just promises rich user experience, but also assures advanced user interaction and accomplishes a lot by doing all this and more.

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