11 Temmuz 2008 Cuma

iPod touch 2.0 leaked to the wolves? (update: Apple releases officially)

Listen up children, we've got a story to tell. It's scary and exciting and might just turn your iPod touch to fairy dust if you're not careful. The 2.0 firmware is reportedly leaked (and thus cash-free) to those of you daring enough to try. We've been contacted by a dozen netizens who claim to confirm the authenticity. However, at least one tipster reports their iPod touch getting "bricked doing it from pc but mac restore worked fine." What's more, we can't find the file in Apple's XML. Still, most say it "works like a dream," installing goodies from the App Store without problems. While the original download source is now 404, we're sure you can figure out other ways of locating "iPod1,1_2.0_5A345_Restore.ipsw." Ready, go. One more pic after the break.

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