4 Temmuz 2008 Cuma

Big Screen Camera Phone

It used to be that Cameraphones were phones with useless little cams attached to attract consumers, mainly to allow people to send cute pictures by SMS or to support video conferencing, which is still by and large a vapofeature in most phones.

Over the last year or so, the cameras attached to phones have become better and better, until in some models, the phone part is almost an afterthought. “What other feature can we put in our new 9 Megapixel camera, Sir?"" I know, let’s make it a phone too!”

I have a feeling just such a discussion was held when Sharp was designing the 923SH. A new phone coming to Softbank in Japan, the 923SH looks like a camera with a little telephony included. The screen is massive, capable of VGA resolution and can spin to landscape mode for viewing (no word yet if can also change into a large, fighting robot). If you need to take or display a lot of photos or videos with a mobile device, then this may be the ideal phone for you.

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