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Apple iPhone 3G User Review

The iPhone 3G is Apple's updated version of the first-generation iPhone. As you may recall, the original was announced back in January of 2007, and later released to the public June 29 of last year. It didn't matter if they were geeks or didn't have the slight of interest in technology, a wide variety of people camped out to get a new iPhone.

Still, many complained that it was missing 3G -- faster mobile Internet, compared to the 2.5G EDGE. Others complained about the lack of GPS, a non-user replaceable battery, no Flash support, limited size of storage, and other things that everyone thought the iPhone should have. I mean c'mon, the iPhone is supposed to be "Jesus Phone".

A year later, Apple has released the iPhone 3G, its second generation model. The launch was yesterday, and even though there weren't lines in the 1000's this time, there were still lines in the hundreds, but most were around 40-100 or so people at Apple/AT&T stores.

Why is that, though? How come the demand isn't so high this time around? Well, it's the fact that this isn't a completely new product. It's just like the iPod. If you are one of the 6 million iPhone users currently, why would you need to upgrade if the product doesn't have new ground breaking features? Stay tuned, and I'd explain why I believe the iPhone 3G is a great upgrade, but not a necessary one.

Inside this Review

* Design
* 3G and Data Plans
* GPS Navigation
* Screen
* Phone Quality
* Email
* App Store
* Camera
* Battery Life
* Other Features
* What's Missing
* Conclusion
* Last Thoughts


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